Ocean Star.

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Good Friday. 

So, its been almost five hours since Jesus officially died on the Cross. It's kind of freaky and sad when you really think about it - the idea that Jesus has to die every single year just for us to ponder and reflect about the direction of lives; the idea that there's no God for a full day and a half. Feels like the world has this now obvious void that people never really never even realized existed because on a regular day, Jesus is... well, He's just there.  

I'm a Catholic, but I don't strictly practice Catholic rites and rituals anymore. Like, for example, I don't go to Church regularly, nor go to confession. But I do ponder a lot about Jesus and the Scriptures and what a world this would be if Jesus actually lived in this day and time. I'm sure, compared to how it was during the era of the Roman Empire, our times now seem more screwed up. Or maybe not. Who knows really? We can only speculate and let our minds wander about. 

Going back to the story in mind: Last night was my first time to ever practice going through the Stations of the Cross and going from one Church to another, just to read out a pamphlet full of prayers and try to remember what Jesus went through during His final hours. Here, they call it, Visita Iglesia. Lovely experience. Tradition is, if it's your first time to enter a particular cathedral during a solemn event, then you get to make 3 wishes per Church you enter in. Right now, I suppose I've got a lot to wish for and so the opportunity was something I gladly grabbed. Although I don't enter chapels and Churches every Sunday, I love how when I do enter, the feeling of serenity and peace is so genuine for me. Of course, since I'm not a regular, there's still some reservations when I come before the Lord, but overall, the experience always leaves me in such a reflective and pious state. Anyway, at one chapel I went into, I looked up and saw how they covered the entire Cross and alter with purple cloth. Since it was my first time ever seeing that, I got extremely freaked out because I am not used to Jesus being blocked out for all to see and feel. The impact was tremendous on my case. Apparently, they do this every year and well, for my friends, the feeling is the same. See? Blatant removal of God = world in void. I hate it. Feels odd. 

Anyway, I'm feeling so reflective about all of this because after walking through the Stations, I feel like I just get it more compared to when I was 15 years old and completely disinterested about the whole thing. I was reading through these passages and literary interpretations and I just felt like I could relate some parts of it to my own life and even the society around me. There's pain, injustice, betrayal, loss, death... those kinds of things. There's also this little tidbit about forgiveness and honestly, the idea seems a bit far-fetched to me still. Oh well. While I cannot forgive the people who have placed harm upon me, I did pray for them. I hope clarity seeps into their souls during this Holy Weekend. 

TITLE: Ocean Star
ARTIST: CONCLΔVE feat. Luxe Calip


One recurring theme that's been going on in my life (and my friend's lives) is death. Even in our early 20s, we're getting a good dose on that terrible reality named death. My dearest and closest friend, Luxe Calip, is an amazing singer whose mother recently passed away late last year. Its been difficult but they say, one of the ways to channel such turbulent times is through creative means. So she wrote this song entitled, "Ocean Star" and partnered with an equally artistic individual, together producing a song that's heartfelt and ethereal all at once. On a first glance, you'd notice the Lana del Rey-vibe to the overall song. Still, the imitation is wonderfully done and well-received worldwide; and still, an original twist is provided to give it that trance-like, celestial feeling to any listener. Perhaps its the idea of dedicating the song to the departed -- from the lyrics that commemorate the memory of the loved one now long gone. It also delves on how one deals with such a sudden and permanent loss -- all in all, the entire song speaks a powerful, almost painful message that pays homage to singer's deeper roots.  

To end another, yet again, long and reflective post, I present thee my outfit shots for the day -- summery, and flowy like the waves of the ocean.  

Life may be drag on a daily basis, but hey, there are always those little guilty pleasures that keep us going to live another day. 

Have a blessed weekend, world! 
Enjoy the rest of this post.

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  1. This is a beautiful post. I am not catholic I was raised non-demonational so I have never experienced anything like that, I can only imagine that it was an emotional experience.
    Love the outfit too! !
    Have a very blessed Easter! For he has risen!
    xo jess

  2. I'm in love with your shoes & your floppy hat ! You're so cute !
    Have a great weekend & happy easter!


  3. You look very pretty here dear. I love your flowy outfit, perfect for summer. <3

    XO, Michi

  4. obsessing over your skirt, the length, pleats, pop of color, everything! and the bow toe sandals are you kidding me? cant handle the cuteness! dont even get me started on your hat, im a hat hoarder and this one is hands down perfection! happy easter weekend xo


  5. Lovely Summer Look