When Barbie Dons a Tablecloth.

Photography by Janine Quintana

On the eve that I was supposed to move out, one of my closest friends (and former roommate) decided to come over and declaim we have a photo shoot. And alas, hereforth are the final results of that crazy night. It's funny how, as the years go by, you never realize just how much junk you've accumulated. It comes to the point where you end up whipping out items long forgotten. You kind of feel guilty because you never even realized how it's always been there, until the last possible moment and then, it dawns on you on how you don't really need such an item. Still, the guilt is there for some odd reason. 

Anyway, on this case, I ended up discovering this printed dress - in which my guest photographer found absolutely horrific, to say the least. We decided taking on the challenge out of pride and an unspoken kind of  a How-To-Conquer-a-Horrific-Dress header propping in our minds as we did this. With limited resources (because all my stuff was boxed and ready for moving at this point), I suppose you can say we did sort of  conquer this horrific dress -- although we could've done better, especially in terms of styling.  Point is, the dress isn't as revolting as original. 

I think my guest photographer wanted to go for a vintage-Barbie look - if Barbie was tanned and Filipina. In this case, she is. Haha. On my part, I wanted to explore different filters and effects on a white background. Take your pick and see which effect overruled the rest. 

The result is an overall modern psychedelic-vibe that which Barbie could never achieve. Then again, Barbie never had the experience of wearing tablecloth-looking pieces. 

To end this post, I thereby present BTS outtakes of me and my guest photographer for this post! 

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as we did making it! 

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yours truly, 

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