One Graphic Splurge


Photography by Monica Villarica

Hello, world!

It's been almost a week since my last (and tragic) post and the quick break from almost everything hasn't eased my heart for a mile's worth, but.. well, life goes on, right? So I figure, after my previous entry of lamentation and mourning, I'd thought to ease it all up by presenting a super fun outfit and hosting MY FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY! 

Although for this outfit post, I'm not wearing it as a set, do know that the giveaway involves a graphic blazer and shorts set - perfect for the eclectic-at-heart and the onslaught of the summer heat! So, by all means, do join and get a chance to win this blazer and shorts set, sponsored by INDIE-GO and you just might be the lucky 2 winners who'll win this really awesome set. Here are the following instructions on how to participate (it's super simple, I promise!): 


1. Like 'INDIE-GO BOUTIQUE' on their Facebook

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7. Share the official poster (below) on your Facebook profiles!

Promo runs March 25, 2013 (Monday) until March 31, 2013 (Sunday) ONLY. Winners will be chosen via random.org and will be announced April 2, 2013 (Tuesday) through this blog and on the INDIE-GO Facebook page. Giveaway promo is valid within the Philippines only. 

For what it's worth, even if this is not an international giveaway promo, please do join for the fun of it! You never know, we might just change our minds about international shipping! 

PROJECTRIKA X INDIEGO Giveaway Poster, do share on your Facebook profiles to win!

Right, so I found myself back in the my little park of thinking (as mentioned in this previous post) and thought of adding a bit of fun to the quiet serenity of the place. However, I'm not your typical irresponsible rebel and was much aware of the illegality and incredulity of my actions and all that obviously registered on camera. 

(Because no, people aren't exactly allowed to stand on those benches and walk on them as if they were the sidewalk and there were guards everywhere at the time!) 

Alas, these are the results of the shoot. First, a lot of seriousness of posing and such and then... mayhem occurs as I panic when I see the guards frolicking about the area and I jump off the bench and onto the sidewalk. You will see what I mean as you scroll down on this post - hilarious laughs and ridiculous tidbits. This is my park where sit and let my thoughts wander about. So, it's not really surprising if I decided to channel my thoughts live through one bench. Haha. You'll find me, sitting, walking and lying around on that bench as if it was home sweet home. You'll also notice how I change shoes. Funny, how I decided to make the change when I thought about walking (and unexpectedly, running in panic and jumping) on that bench.

These past days, I've been taking baby steps on how to go on with life after unwanted accidents and tragic deaths, and while I'm still not sure, I've always believed that it's in these little moments of laughter and surges of delight that make life all the more worth moving forward on. 

 Enjoy the photos! And good luck on the giveaway! :)

yours truly,


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