A Mysterious Case of Walking Around the World.

DRESS: Peanut Butter and Jeri SHADES: Blings&Jewel Shoes: from Singapore Accessories: Forever21

Photography by Kit de Silva

I don't know when it started but I've always had this incessant urge to travel around, whether it's jet-setting outside the country or just simply walking around within in the city. I love the act of just walking around and exploring and discovering new things. There's always this element of surprise and adventure that leaves me feeling invigorated with life and wonder.

I love how this city is rapidly developing and the changes are evident in the new establishments that rise up, the new leeways that suddenly turn up and the quirky surprises that make you retake the way you see familiar spaces. So while these photos look as if they were taken in another country - say downtown LA, for example -, they weren't. In fact, they were taken at little alley on the outskirts of Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City. In these photos, I'm currently situated beside a soon-to-open Japanese restaurant. It's name - still unknown to the public's eye. But it's outer interior is what makes the head turner. So matter how hidden this new restaurant may be, its design flourishes inside and out pique any by-passer's curiousity. Oh. Plus I got a glimpse of the owner (I will assume his role as the owner because he looked Japanese)... and he seemed cute. 

See? Lovely surprises. 

As for a little tidbit on this outfit: Honestly, one of my more favorite pieces that I don't get to wear as often as I originally wanted to. But one extremely hot day, it all just clicked. Do visit Peanut Butter and Jeri at their store in Eastwood, as they offer one-of-kind pieces that you'll never regret purchasing! 

And speaking of surprises, once again, fate has managed to play its lovely hand on me based on a few recent events. I won't elaborate on these events on a detailed scale, but I just wanted to reflect upon how things can unexpectedly turn out to be - some for better and some for worse. Either or, the world spins madly on and paves way for more and more unexpected twists and turns along the way. So I suppose, feeling lost will always be a fleeting moment, no matter the ironic everlasting feeling. There's always a way out the rabbit hole and a new wonderland to explore. 

Either, never think about it or simply never give up on anything. 

So cosmic forces, thank you for endlessly throwing me offhand with your surprises. We get by. And I simply couldn't help but fall in love with life more and more. 

I leave this post with a short feature on restaurant beside the trippy Japanese-soon-to-open one. It's called, Tapeo, located at the Fort Strip (along 7th Ave, cor. 28th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Tagiug, Manila) which has a very cozy and earthy interior; intimate for small gatherings and quiet but hearty conversations. Specializing in the Spanish entrees namely the tapas, they also have a wide selection of appetizers and pastries; the delectable raciones and this Spanish-dish made of potatoes - I forgot the name of the exact dish. They have a nice selection of winery as well. Unfortunate, I wasn't able to try it because at the time, I was more adept on getting my hand on their fresh shakes and juices. Overall, if you need a place to have an intimate dinner date, I suggest Tapeo at the Fort Strip. 

Oh, though I must say what really got me going was the music. I always appreciate it when establishments play music that is according to their overall ambiance, and Tapeo did it. They played a lot of jazzy tunes, some Indian, some Spanish  - you name it, they've got it. Anyway, loved every selection they played while I was there. Great job on that!

My guest photographer and forever lovely friend, Kit de Silva

Hope you enjoyed! Till next time!

yours truly,

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