Quirky Surprises.

Cafe de Seoul permanently engraved on the streets!

Photography by Marika Callangan

They say after tragedies comes the silver linings. If you were speaking to me last year, I probably wouldn't have believed it. But honestly, a change of perspective and attitude never hurt, and now, while it seems like all the terrible horrors have rocked the core of my being, every day there seems to be something worth looking forward to, being grateful for and being happy about. 

For me, it's this really quirky place called Cafe de Seoul (and if you haven't read my feature on it, you must!) And the quirky surprises just keep propping up left and right for me! I suppose, the goodness of it all started with the return of my favorite drink - Hazelnut White Choco Mocha. This drink is peculiar and heavenly in its taste;  it also has a lot of versions that confuses both the barista and the customer, but whatever the version, the taste is just... impeccable - for lack of better term. Do try it when you visit Cafe de Seoul at the 2nd floor of One Archer's Building, Taft Avenue, Manila. 

Hazelnut returned with my note demanding they return the drink

Oh, I just wanted to give a little snippet regarding this matter because my days have been nothing but full of happiness and surprises (along with the stress and overworking, ofcourse). My design-spiration is at full bar again and I can't wait to give out my own surprises to everyone too! 

Till then, I leave with this.

yours truly,

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  1. Stunning!! Do you want to follow eachother?
    I wait for you for a "vanity fair Beach party"!! HAVE A NICE DAY!!