Sunday Hype.

Top: INDIE-GO Pants: G.U. Shoes: Esperanza Accessories: Forever21

Photography by Monica Villarica

Initially for this post, I was planning on writing about a Sunday music playlist I've propped up for the weekend, set to soothe and calm anyone's nerves after a stressful week. As a freelancer, my days know no weekends or holidays (unless I set them up myself) and depending on the urgency of the client's needs, I usually tend to give up common break time practiced by regular folks.

So today, whilst searching for indie-pop/rock bands of my usual taste to be used as a background set as I design, I ended up stumbling upon Girl's Generation (this popular Korean-girl pop group) teaser MV of their single, BEEP BEEP and then things fell apart from there. I got all hyped up, download the full audio and for almost 5 hours straight that's the only song that has been drumming through my earhole as I work. Shit. 

For starters, I actually understand what they're singing about, given my Japanese background and overall, I find the song really sad with this ironic and extremely poppy and upbeat vibe. I mean, the guy isn't picking up the girl's phone calls and still, the girl's pursue and dream on. The happy tune doesn't exactly lessen my saddened feelings regarding the message of the song. I suppose, that's also a common thing about us women, we don't get the picture immediately, and we are such pursuants when we choose to be. 

Do check out the super cute short video version though! Super love the graphics and the clothes! I'm not a super fan of this Korean girl-group, but this song has induced the Call-Me-Maybe syndrome this Sunday and I like how they sing Japanese well. And speaking of Korean, if you haven't seen it yet, do check out my recent feature on this lovely Korean-inspired cafe, Cafe de Seoul. Very quirky and inspiring place, you must see it when you can!

My outfit is something I'd definitely wear to a concert or music festival (sans the heels, of course). It's chill, and laidback and just really comfy to move around in. I also realize the start of my 2013 has been marked with my attendance to concerts such as Motion City Soundtrack and Bloc Party (and soon to come, Aviichi), all live in Manila. And now, the biggest music festival is about to hit the city this summer and I will not dare miss out!

PHOTO CREDIT: Karpos Multimedia, Inc. 

Spread the word because rare does something like this happen in this city and if you're an indie-music lover, you'll just get and why I'm so hyped up by all this!!

I leave with a favorite of mine from band, Avalanche City and the rest of the photos for this outfit.
Start the week right with Love, Love, Love! 

Enjoy, folks! Have a great rest of the weekend!
Till next time.

yours truly,

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  1. Love this sunny look. The blouse makes it! And I have that J'taime ring too!! I bought it a super long time ago..maybe 4 years? Hmm I wonder if I still have it, I'll have to see if I can scrounge it up!!