The Magical World of Fun Ranch.

So, I was shifting through mounds of photo files yesterday and ended up stumbling across this set. Got fondly reminiscent and thought, why not retell the story of this one magical day of mine. Another photo-heavy post but I'm sure most would not mind the images over the words. 

Anyway, if you're wondering where the carousel came from, how I managed to stumble on one and why I look like such a giddy idiot while on it, well allow me to welcome you to Fun Ranch, Tiendesitas, a kid's complex filled with kiddy rides, activities and establishments made just for children! We were there specifically to help out on the On Thin Ice shoot (music video + renewed ending) for our amazing best-director-to-be friend, Kit de Silva
On Thin Ice promotional poster

Brief background: On Thin Ice is a thesis short film revolving around central themes such as ice skating  and failed dreams; starring Verniece Enciso and James Reid; a film done by Kit de Silva, Patricia Baun and Angelli Cornilla under the Communication Arts Department of De La Salle University - Manila. The film had finished and was done being defended but the makers were scheduled to do public screening sometime this year and were advised to join this short film in one of the film festivals at the end of this year; hence, the re-shooting of a new ending and the add-on of a music video. Because the actors of this film already have fan-base garnered, word of this short film spread fast and inevitably became eagerly anticipated by those outside of the Lasallian community. And speaking of public screenings, I'd definitely love to see that through, actually. I missed the defense of all of my friends' films because of an unexpected trip and I really, really want to have an opportunity to watch this film for myself.     

During the shoot for the film proper itself, I was not able to participate in helping out for the shoots due to certain matters regarding my own thesis. But even if it's a small portion, I'm glad I was still able to get the chance to help out. Right, and because I wasn't there during the first shoots of this film, this day at Fun Ranch would be the first time I'd lay my eyes on both the two starring figures of this film. 

And although I had thought that I would not freak out when I saw them (I mean I barely knew anything about them, except the fact that they were A-listers in the social scene today), throughout the day, I couldn't help but slowly be thunderstruck by the perfection of their faces. I mean, wow. It's was like, what was I even doing there. By dinner time, I've realized how much of an idiot when sitting next to James Reid and how I seriously have no idea what goes on in Filipino mainstream television anymore. 

Seriously? James Reid won PBB? Like. 2 years ago. Wow. And he has an Australian accent. Not British. Double wow. See. We learn new things everyday. 
Ohmygod, I am the biggest idiot in the whole wide world.

Anyway, this whole experience was fun nevertheless. The actors seemed like good people, quiet and private people who kept to themselves and followed their director without question. The volunteers for this shoot (me, Maita, Megann and Diane) had a blast blowing bubbles with bubble sabers to create a romantic set (I swear, I'd have mastered the art of bubble making now, PhD here I come!), riding all the rides available as extras, playing around like children and simply, just offering the support that Kit needed. Right now, I'd like to put in good word to this friend of mine who has rendered me speechless from time to time and who has humbled me by her presence without question: Kit de Silva: I marvel at her strength and abilities and that day and motivation to keep going on for dreams. I remember this day as a day my respect for her grew to new heights -- that I would do anything for this girl and give my life if she asked me to (whatisdrama). Seriously, she is the rare kind whose beautiful, kindred soul has unexpectedly touched me in more ways than one. And I know with her drive for life, she will go far in attaining her dreams. I cannot wait to see that day arrive.        

One last thing I'd like to put in: 

Creating such romantic sets and seeing such wonderful chemistry between the actors made me realize how much I yearned to find someone who could continuously inspire me, protect me and care for me when need be; that I wanted to be in love again and find just exactly what the true meaning of love really is. With myself, I've still got a lot to build on. And that perhaps this dream of mine, this overpowering yearning will still be too far stretched from now. A part of me -- the part that is immature and impatient -- is scared that I'll never find what I am scribbling about now, that my dreams will not come true, that life will pass me by. But the other part, the one hidden deep within me kind of doesn't really mind how long I must wait. If it's worth it... why not? And if I could use that time waiting to grow and heal myself, I'll take it any day.  

Funny how a shoot such as this has inspired me such heavy-leaden life realizations. Gawd. 
Well, when you're surrounded by inspiring people on a per second basic, I wouldn't really be surprised that this happens. 

I'm done talking (writing now). Enjoy the photos. Inspire yourself today.

Scene Locations: Cafe Noriter, Taft Avenue and Fun Ranch, Tiendesitas.
Camera: Canon 7D
BTS Photos Shot by: Maita Piedra, Megann Jabola, Diane Villanueva and Marika Callangan (that's me).

"Happiness is the consequence of personal effort. You fight for it, strive for it, insist upon it and sometimes, even travel around the world looking for it."  

Yours   truly,
I wield this blade -- LIKE A BOSS!

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